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- Etched Glass
- Beveled Glass
- Stained Glass



- Hand Mirrors
- Stands Mirrors
- Wall Mirrors
- Jewelry Box and Stands
- Trays
- Baskets
- Tissue and Trash Boxes
- Photo Frames
- Decorative House Bell
- Umbrella Stands
- Clocks
- Post Boxes
- Book Stands



- Sanded(Frosted) Glass
  Photo Frames

- Printed Glass Photo

- Vases




"The Etched glass panels for door, window and various partitions lead you to the aura of cosiness and elegance."

Especially the transparent colored etching galss can be used as a substitute for stained glass. The degree of etching on the glass should be varied by using different sand sizes, aggregates and changing air pressure (high or low).

We are always prepared to follow your requirements and take great pride in the quality of our works. Always ready to be near your various. TASTES

Date : 10-10-22 18:24
Model No : AE-109
 Size : 980 x 470 MM