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- Etched Glass
- Beveled Glass
- Stained Glass



- Hand Mirrors
- Stands Mirrors
- Wall Mirrors
- Jewelry Box and Stands
- Trays
- Baskets
- Tissue and Trash Boxes
- Photo Frames
- Decorative House Bell
- Umbrella Stands
- Clocks
- Post Boxes
- Book Stands



- Sanded(Frosted) Glass
  Photo Frames

- Printed Glass Photo

- Vases




"Mordern architecture, especially as relates to deluxe application calls for a diverse array of sophisticated building materials" One of these applications is BEVELED GLASS PANEL which offer an exciting and fascinating mood through its great light-spectrum effects resulted by all "hand-crafted". Impeccable detailing in flawless soldered joints and careful fit provide you the craftsmanship that we are so proud of.

We, Altop is an outstanding company in terms of both production and export on the domestic and overseas markets. Its all-out efforts for technological development for years have now enabled "ALTOP" to produce over 1,500 various designs. Altop's timeless creative designs produced by skilled craftsmen give you possible "Opportunity" to reflect your own tastes and interests in a beautifully decorative way.

Altop is convinced that it's now capable of satisfying any design's requirements from overseas customers thanks to its accumulated skills. All of Altop's glass panels can be also tripple-glazed between two sheets of tempered safety glass to add maximum thermal efficiency and improved security.

We are sure that the name of ALTOP keeps Q.P.D.S: best Quality, resonable Price, fast Delivery and the best Service

Date : 10-10-22 19:49
Model No : AT-010L
 Size : 280 X 870 X 921 MM